Fernanda Maciel

I use compression garments all the time. The most effective combination of compression gears that works for me during my trainings is the R2 or Full socks V2 with the Trail Running Short. After the training, I use the Underwear or the Full Leg to recover and to make sure that I get fresh legs for my next training days. Sometimes, I also sleep with the Underwear and the Full Socks V2. COMPRESSPORT® provides a wide choice of products to keep our muscle and tendons well rested before a race. My preferred combination before a race will be: Full Legs and the Pro Racing Bike or Run V2 socks. Then you know that you can be walking around or just sit down on the sofa reading a book to be ready for the next day.

  • KrajBrazylia
  • Urodzona24/01/1980
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